About Me


As a professional musician I have performed in many types of ensembles, from jazz combos to symphony orchestras, pop and Brazilian music groups, as well as rock bands. After many years of performing, I returned to my studies and attended the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music program in New York City, where I worked as a performer and later as a music teacher for the New York Board of Education.

Throughout all my years of musical training I have continually developed a strong interdisciplinary interest. Despite having attended various schools and conservatories, I still felt a significant lack of a broader reflection upon musical practice. In pursuit of my academic career, I returned to Rio de Janeiro to complete a Master of Psychology at Universidade Federal Fluminense. My thesis,The Symphony Orchestra: a New Economy of the Aesthetic Experience. A Modernist Subjectivity in the Contemporary, intertwines my performance experience and my interdisciplinary theoretical background.

I then went on to continue my research at the University of Glasgow. My second master’s thesis, entitled Sistema Scotland: A Critical Inquiry into the Implementation of the El Sistema Model in Raploch, offers a critique of the El Sistema movement and its implementation in the community of Raploch by analyzing contemporary subjectivities emerged from the current cultural dynamic in the institutional discourse of both initiatives.

I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Philosophy Department at the University of Évora. My current research concerns the symphony orchestra as a contemporary institution and offers a critical inquiry into its social roles, as a tool for social inclusion and as a model for corporate management, in the post-Fordist cultural dynamic.