El Sistema and the Alternatives: Social Action through Music in Critical Perspective

24-25 April, 2015, Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London

Convenors: Geoff Baker, Reader at Royal Holloway, University of London, author ofEl Sistema: Orchestrating Venezuelan Youth (OUP, 2014)

Gustavo Borchert, doctoral candidate at the University of Turku, Finland, researching the renegotiation of the symphony orchestra as a tool for social inclusion and post-Fordist corporate management model

Owen Logan, Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, co-editor of Contested Powers: The Politics of Energy and Development in Latin America (Zed Books, forthcoming)

Final programme


9.00 Registration

9.30 Opening remarks (Geoff Baker & Owen Logan)

9.45-11.15  Panel 1

Gustavo Borchert “The symphony orchestra as a social model under post-Fordism”

Francesca Carpos “The London orchestra as a prestige economy”

Anna Bull “Sistema and social reproduction: safeguarding the bourgeois social project”

11.15 Coffee/tea

11.45-12.45  Panel 2

Anna Kuuse “Multimodal use of legitimating El Sistema in Sweden: Marketing moral values at the national website”

Monica Lindgren & Åsa Bergman “Struggling for inclusion: Mapping the discursive practice of  El Sistema in Sweden”

12.45-1.45 Lunch

1.45-3.15  Panel 3

Gustavo Medina “Socio-communicative system of youth orchestras as social programs”

Jonathan Govias “Reformation or Revolution?”

Emilio Mendoza “The Emperor Abreu’s new clothes: Show over substance in El Sistema’s (failed?) ODILA co-project”

3.15 Coffee/tea

3.45-4.45  Panel 4

Stephen Fairbanks    “Contextualizing the El Sistema movement within music education: Social justice and the transmission of socio-cultural values”

Nick Wilsdon “Established alternatives to El Sistema: The National Foundation for Youth Music”

4.45 Break

5.00  Keynote:       Professor Robert Fink (UCLA)

“Resurrection symphony: El Sistema as ideology in Venezuela (and Los Angeles)”

6.00 Wine reception


9.30  Registration

9.45-11.15 Panel 5

Nicolas Dobson “Segments, territories, lines of flight:  Deleuzian pragmatics and El Sistema”

Marc Sarazin “Sistema communities: representations and potential for social action”

Brian Kaufman “El Sistema and academic achievement: A model for social change?”

11.15  Coffee/tea

11.45-12.45  Panel 6

Elaine Sandoval “Moving beyond classical music in El Sistema: an exploration of potential frameworks”

Gary Spruce & Christopher Philpott “What is a socially just approach to music education?”

12.45-1.45  Lunch

1.45-3.15   Panel 7

Laíze Guazina “Social projects in Brazil, Orpheonic Chant and biopolitics: Reflections on music and another possible world”

Juniper Hill “Developing creative agency in South African music programs”

Laryssa Whittaker “Coopting neoliberal logics: Music and dance as socioeconomic development in South Africa”

3.15 Coffee/tea

3.45-4.45  Panel 8

Guillermo Rosabal-Coto “A postcolonial institutional ethnography perspective of  Costa Rica’s El Sistema model”

Sebastián Wanumen “‘La Carranga y los Campesinos’:
Folklore with an environmental and social agenda”

4.45 Break

5.00 Closing remarks & discussion (Geoff Baker & Owen Logan)

Event Type: Conference / Symposium

Venue: Room 349 (3rd floor)

Venue Details:
Senate House, South Block
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

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