Below is a brief summary of my academic and professional achievements. Please see my CV for a more complete list of my professional activities.

Doctoral candidate – Department of Philosophy, University of Évora. Current research: the symphony orchestra as a contemporary institution – a critical inquiry into its social roles, as a tool for social inclusion and as a model for corporate management, in the post-Fordist cultural dynamic.

Master of Music (Research) – Univesrity of Glasgow, 2013. Thesis: Sistema Scotland: A Critical Inquiry into the Implementation of the El Sistema Model in Raploch.

Master of Psychology – Studies in Subjectivity Program – Subjectivity, Politics, and Social Exclusion, Universidade Federal Fluminense, 2009. Thesis: A Orquestra Sinfônica: Uma Nova Economia da Experiência Estética. Uma subjetividade do modernismo no contemporâneo.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Jazz & Contemporary Music Program, New School University, 2000. Major: Performance; Instrument: Drum Set.

Selected Performances – Click here for a brief list of some of my past performances as a drummer and percussionist.